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Girls from Santa Cruz DVD

The plight of the the Comstock Wild Horses reflects a crisis of 21st century progress and the vanishing west.

Nevada is one of the fastest growing states in the nation. Homes are being built above the 6,200-foot level where these horses roam, pushing them further back into the mountains or forcing them to graze in populated areas where automobiles kill or maim dozens of them yearly. There are other dangers as well. In December 1998, three young men slaughtered 33 of these gentle horses for target practice. This brought the horse's plight into the national limelight and, at last, concerned citizens are coming forth to help.

The Let 'em Run Foundation is working with other organizations to set aside protected tracts of land for these horses, to help manage the herds and to fence off areas where they should not roam. Our dream is to create the "Comstock Wild Horse Sanctuary" where these horses, and all wildlife can be preserved, protected and allowed to run free for our children and our children's children.

Our objective is to raise public awareness of the plight of the women struggling to save the Wild Horses of Storey County, Nevada, by creating broadcast programming for PBS Television, and other broadcast, cable, DVD, CD and worldwide Web markets.

This gives the PBS audience and others an opportunity to share in the vision of building a permanent wildlife Sanctuary for the Comstock Wild Horses, and experience great Americana Music, performed by Lacy J. Dalton and her friends Mary McCaslin and Ginny Mitchell.

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